Learn more about our church family. Visit our Nursery, Children, Youth and College & Careers page for more information on how to join us. 


The weekly sermons will be posted here. If you could not attend service, do not worry. These videos are made available to all who would like to review, catch up or share. If you do not live in Erath County but would like to listen to our worship services, feel free to watch. Please enjoy.


Listed are the prayer requests for our Church family, community, troops and missionaries.

Weekly Bible Reading

Sunday July 5

I Cor. 16:13-14

II Chron. 20:1-15

Monday July 6

Revelation 9

Tuesday July 7

Revelation 10

Wednesday July 8

Revelation 11

Thursday July 9

Revelation 12

Friday July 10

Revelation 13

Cowboy Church of Erath County

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