Cowboy Church of Erath County

4895 U.S. Highway 67, Stephenville, TX

(254) 968-2210

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Prayer Request 10-27-2019

RAIN, Guidance for CCEC & Music & College, Youth, Children Departments, Worship Team & Staff, Mayes Family, Grace Noel Hawkins, Scout,

Dale Tackett, Mary Woodrum Family, Mr. Durham, Susan Moore, Kadence Omni, Mary Selby, Heidi Zacher, Pat Beach, Jevan Snead Family, Dave & Mary Geurin, Rusty Chandler, Terry Sparkman, Cinch & Blakely & Noah Constancio, Gavin Nelson, Tiffany’s Nephew, Milts, Trey Grange, Kelly Pack, Steve Holloway, Merca, Lesley, Cheryl, Bert Staudt, Steve Rusty, Connie McGuire, Paige’s Bro., Pam Brannon, Zack Davis,

Caden Green, Cutter Fort

Prayer Request 10-13-2019

Danny Cantrell, Kyle Taylor, Jim Kopchak, Terrell Williams, Noah Smith, Evelyn Baker, Gretchen, Cathy Eccles, Helen Howle, Scout, Danny & Lynn Bowles, Cheryl Crouch, Dallas Beem, Chad, BJ Thackerson, Hadley Family, Debbie Mills Family, Cody & Blake Keith & Family, Mary Jones, Robbie Pack, Roy Mayfield, Leroy Worrell Family, Agnew Family, Matt Brown, Nelda Crockett, Tori Bowen, Timmie Pickle, Tiffany Henderson

Prayer Request 10-6-2019

Jim Stracner, Mike Lewellen, JA Carter, Rona Mills, Gene Myers, Jim & Mop Nowlin, Rayce Jackson, Ron,  Ronnie Locklear, Winnie Stephens, Dewayne & Marsha Stephens, Carol Bratton ~TBM, & Ronnie Rose, Barbara Hutchinson, Phyllis Adams, Wanda Collier, Sandy Pyburn & Family


Pray For Our Missionaries

Bob & Linda Bates, Lawrence & Melanie Tucker

Dan & Judy Burk, Teis Family


Our Troops & Families

Braden Edwards (Army), David Newton (Army),

Charles Mawson (Airforce), Robert Young (Marine),

Cameron Clark (Army), Zach Allen (Army),

Louis Aquillar (Army), Catherine Meiron (Navy),

Braden Brown (Army), Zach Wolfe (Marines),

Kirk Mills (Army), Andrew Brawner (Airforce),

Jeremy Whiteley (Navy), Christian Alexander (Marines), Russel Freeman (Army), Drew Patterson (Navy),

Cpt. Julie Pack (Army), Tryston Leverett (Air Force)

Lt. Aaron Rivera (Army), Landen Hopkins (Air Force), Zoe Kendall (Air Force), Ozzy Kendall (Army),

Nick McDaniel (Marines), Josh & Kyesha Dingman (Navy), Paul Witsel (Army)