Cowboy Church of Erath County

4895 U.S. Highway 67, Stephenville, TX

(254) 968-2210

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Prayer Request 12-8-2019

RAIN, Guidance for CCEC & Music & College, Youth, Children Departments, Worship Team & Staff,

Mayes Family, Grace Hawkins, Danny Cantrell, Kyle Taylor, Jim & Jim Kopchak, Noah Smith, Cathy Echols Family, Helen Howle, Danny & Lynn Bowles, Dallas Beem, BJ Thackerson, Hadley Family, Dorothy Dunbar, Neal Durfey, Deb Shaw,  Dana, David D., Tansey Ackerman, Students~Finals, Brycen’s Dad, Jaxon Collins, Linda Lipcomb, Andrea, Avery, David, Ron’s Family, Jennifer, Jade Lockheart, Cpt. Julie Pack, Gwen Griffin, Woody’s Friend, Kendra Lewis Family, Sackett Family, Cindy, Jenneta Kinery, Gale, Kenny Pitman Family, USA, Wrangler Church & Christmas Program, Livestock, Cindy Clanton,  Tyler Lane & Family, Jin Pack, Tamara Graham

Prayer Request 12-1-2019

Jim Stracner, Donna Lewellen, JA Carter, Rona Mills, Gene Myers, Gale Crabb, Sue Pack, Roy Mayfield, Tori Bowen, Connie McGuire, Shirlene Pack, Tony Chandler, Dee Family, Harry Bradley, Mike (Rondoe Smith’s Bro.), Jordan Berry, Brian Rhodes Family, Jaedin Livingston, Haylee Baker Burns

Prayer Request 11-24-2019

Cody Keith Family,  Susan Moore, Heidi Zacher & Family, Dave & Mary Lynn Geurin, Rusty Chandler, Terry Sparkman, Cinch & Blakely & Noah Constancio, Kelli Pack, Bert Staudt, Leslie Thetford, Juan Alvizo, Lauren Lorado, Cathy Kenney, Robbie Pack, Holly Williams, Jerry, Emmit Cox, Josie Gowen, Janet Corsaro, Ed Ruggles & Groseclose Family, Roger Bushnell, Ricky Dupue Family, Kennedy, Earlene, Unspoken, Sid Moon


Pray For Our Missionaries

Bob & Linda Bates, Lawrence & Melanie Tucker

Dan & Judy Burk, Teis Family


Our Troops & Families

Braden Edwards (Army), David Newton (Army),

Charles Mawson (Airforce), Robert Young (Marine),

Cameron Clark (Army), Zach Allen (Army),

Louis Aquillar (Army), Catherine Meiron (Navy),

Braden Brown (Army), Zach Wolfe (Marines),

Kirk Mills (Army), Andrew Brawner (Airforce),

Jeremy Whiteley (Navy), Christian Alexander (Marines), Russel Freeman (Army), Drew Patterson (Navy), Cpt. Julie Pack (Army), Tryston Leverett (Air Force)

Lt. Aaron Rivera (Army), Landen Hopkins (Air Force), Zoe Kendall (Air Force), Ozzy Kendall (Army), Nick McDaniel (Marines), Josh & Kyesha Dingman (Navy), Paul Witsel (Army)